Advisory Board

Paul Garcia

Dr. Garcia is an anesthesiologist at Columbia University Medical Center. He specializes in safely administering sedatives, analgesics and anesthetics to patients undergoing therapies and surgeries to alleviate suffering from neurologic and psychiatric disease. His research focuses on understanding the neurophysiology of transitions between conscious, unconscious and hybrid states. Dr. Garcia is enthusiastic about the potential …

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Terry Frendo

Terry Frendo is the Founder, Publisher & CEO of Canada’s leading fitness media company, Inside Fitness Media (IFM), which holds a portfolio of digital assets and an award-winning print publication, Inside Fitness magazine. Staying true to its Canadian roots promoting Canadian fitness and Canadian fitness talent, Inside Fitness magazine quickly became the number one selling …

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Michael Gosney

Michael Gosney is a seasoned marketing specialist, event producer and publisher working with leading psychedelic and cannabis industry concerns, producing events featuring leaders of the cannabis industry and psychedelic research community. Highly regarded as a thought leader in the cannabis space since the late 80’s, Michael celebrated the connection between cannabis and psychedelics and the …

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