Paul Garcia

Dr. Garcia is an anesthesiologist at Columbia University Medical Center. He specializes in safely administering sedatives, analgesics and anesthetics to patients undergoing therapies and surgeries to alleviate suffering from neurologic and psychiatric disease. His research focuses on understanding the neurophysiology of transitions between conscious, unconscious and hybrid states. Dr. Garcia is enthusiastic about the potential of therapies that integrate psychedelics and traditional healing arts with Western Medicine. Dr. Garcia is the Medical Supervisor of Floresta Retreat (, a ketamine-assisted psychotherapy retreat designed to optimize patient experience and treatment and allow for lasting transformation.

Research Description:
Dr. Garcia’s research has focused on neurophysiology (including human/rodent EEG and patch-clamp electrophysiology) and behavioral testing in animal models. His translational laboratory research focuses on models of neuronal degeneration caused by age, anesthesia, or other pharmacologic exposure. He has transitioned some of this research into the human/clinical realm. His clinical research projects involve investigating intraoperative EEG signatures and their association with adverse postoperative outcomes. Early recognition of cognitive problems can aid in preventing an escalation of clinical acuity and bring down hospital costs. Specific sequences observed in frontal EEG during emergence from general anesthesia are associated with pain and delirium in the recovery room. Understanding the generation of these signals can lead to improved care for patients in the care of anesthesiologists.