Michael Gosney

Michael Gosney is a seasoned marketing specialist, event producer and publisher working with leading psychedelic and cannabis industry concerns, producing events featuring leaders of the cannabis industry and psychedelic research community. Highly regarded as a thought leader in the cannabis space since the late 80’s, Michael celebrated the connection between cannabis and psychedelics and the digital revolution through his Digital Be-In cyberculture events in San Francisco, giving Dennis Peron, Chris Conrad and other cannabis activists the spotlight in the mid-90s. In 2011-12 he produced the San Francisco Bay Area Deep Green Conference and Festivals on Earth Day with Steve DeAngelo of Harborside Health Center, David Bronner of Dr. Bronner’s and other industry leaders. Michael Gosney produced the first cannabis event at Sonoma County Fairgrounds and helped producer Tim Blake establish the Emerald Cup there in 2013. He also developed the Green Alley cannabis component of the long-running San Francisco How Weird Street Faire and co-produced the Cannabis Chronicles documentary series.

As producer of the talk radio podcast Eco Evolution with leaders and visionaries on the frontier of eco-evolutionary change as well as his 2013 TEDx Talk, “Designing the Control Panel for Spaceship Earth”, Michael found a shared vision of Information and Communications Technologies facilitating an evolutionary shift which quickly became the genesis of the Techné Verde project with the Buckminster Fuller Institute fostering online community platforms, of which Michael is now Managing Director.

Michael’s passion for the psychedelic space led him to become the Associate Publisher of Synergetic Press which focuses on consciousness and environmental books where he provides leadership in the publishing of psychedelic research and biospheric science / regenerative culture.