Jonathan White

Jonathan White, RSE, Brings many years of experience in organization leadership to the Board of Directors. Mr. White has worked in industry and within the energy sector for over 20 years and has served in various governance roles. With over two decades of frontline experience, he possesses a strong appreciation for pragmatic industry solutions.

Over the course of his professional career, Mr. White has been appointed to several Boards and Advisory Committees. His appointments have included a seat on one of OCOT’s Trade Boards, prior to receiving an appointment to serve on their Board of Governors. Currently Mr. White is a trustee on several trust funds, including both Provincial and National funds. His background has proven that working with a diverse range of stakeholders and regulatory agents is absolutely necessary to realizing a fiscally responsible and sustainable model for growth and development.

Mr. White is focussed on continually building opportunity through ideas, collaboration and strategic partnerships. Appreciating the substantial growth projections in both alternative medicines and treatment protocols, he considers an integrated approach coupled with research driven solutions as imperative to fully realizing the entire market scope.

The success of alternative and emerging therapies is quickly changing perspectives on what was once considered “fringe” and is now opening up mainstream markets. With such change Mr. White sees the demand for proven alternative solutions and products rising sharply in this emerging field. In fulfilling his commitment to advocate on behalf of fellow investors Mr. White looks forward to positioning consciousmindTM as a leader in the field of Alternative Medicine.