Dr. Jody Toor

Dr. Jody Toor, MD, IMD, PhD, is a board certified Integrative Medicine Doctor in both Canada and the United States. Dr. Toor is the founder of Empress Health and Wellness Center, an integrative medicine center based out of Vancouver, BC.

Through years of pivotal drive and education in the medical field Dr. Toor has earned the wisdom she's known for in medicine and research. Her main research interest is in mental and emotional health with a holistic approach. Her devotion to this quest has inspired her in pursuit of the rigorous training education she underwent to comprehend what people need to stay healthy with herbs and supplements including medicinal mushrooms, plant medicines and medical cannabis. As a Quantum Practitioner, Dr. Toor also utilizes elements of quantum physics to help her patients realized their greatest potential.

- Board Certified (USA & Canada) - Integrative Medicine Doctor

- Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine, Quantum University, Hawaii

- Founder - Empress Health & Wellness Clinic, Vancouver, Canada

- Fellowship - University of Miami


2014 - Vis Vita Medical Wellness & Regeneration Clinic Managing Director, Research on Medical Leeches in Cancer, Malaysia University Phase 1 - Oncology Clinical Trials

2012 - Lead Researcher, VF Reproductive Associates Florida

2010 - Research Coordinator, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Biobehavioral Sciences

2009 - Researcher, University of Miami, School of Medicine