Dr. Gregory E. Bigford

Dr. Gregory E Bigford, PhD, MSBA, is a translational neuroscientist who’s experienced in leading preclinical studies, pharmacological safety and efficacy and coordinating interventional clinical trials. Dr. Bigford is a well-established academic scientist and instructor who will oversee the Conscious Mind™ Labs “R&D Hub” and lead the Psychedelic Drug Development Division. Dr. Bigford has the unique ability to apply neuroscience research and develop clinical applications and novel therapies for mental health disorders, nervous system disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.

Over the past 10 years, Dr. Bigford has moved seamlessly between basic science and clinical research, collaborating and publishing with investigators in several therapeutic areas including neuroscience, endocrinology and metabolism, inflammation, and applied physiology. He is adept at working with diverse teams involving academic-industry partnership to design analyses, interpret complex data, and lead development of publications and protocols that are currently being used as guideline approaches for intervention. His work and experience have given him a unique understanding of the scientific questions that need to be addressed to effectively conduct translational and clinical research.

More recently, Dr. Bigford has expanded his formal education and is currently earning a Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA), recognizing that the application of analytics tools such as machine learning, data modeling and emergent digital platforms have a growing utility in medical sciences and public health at large. Dr. Bigford’s vision is to utilize his professional toolkit to develop research ideas that will ultimately improve health, wellness, and accessibility for the general population.

- PhD in Neuroscience, University of Miami, School of Medicine

- Fellowship, University of Miami, School of Medicine

- Master of Science in Business Analytics (2021), University of Miami

- Bachelor of Physical Health & Education, University of Toronto