Donald Gauvreau

Donald Gauvreau, MSc., is recognized as one of the best researchers and product formulators in the dietary supplement and natural health product industry. Mr. Gauvreau has earned the moniker “The Supplement Godfather” because of his in-depth knowledge and ability to continually develop new and exciting ingredients. Over the past 20+ years, Mr. Gauvreau has formulated hundreds of different products being sold around the world.

2008 – Co-founded PharmaFreak Technologies Inc, which quickly grew into a market-leading sports nutrition brand in more than 50 countries worldwide.

2011 – Founded LBRX Sciences Inc. and developed SD Pharmaceuticals, a line of cutting-edge health ingredients.

2012 – Honoured with the distinction of Top 40 Under 40 by Vancouver Business magazine.

2014 – Co-founded SAGA Sciences Inc., acquired ownership of both the PharmaFreak and SD Pharmaceuticals brands, reaching annual sales of over $15M.

2017 – Founded Kaleidoscope Health Inc, and began the research and development of a comprehensive portfolio of cannabis, medicinal mushroom and psilocybin mushroom health and wellness products.

2019 – Mr. Gauvreau sold his 50 percent stake in SAGA Sciences in order to focus all his time and energy on the Alternative Medicine and Mental Health worlds.

Mr. Gauvreau is an accomplished author and has had hundreds of articles published in various health, fitness and lifestyle publications. Donald’s academic background includes a Master of Science degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. Most recently he’s completed academic studies on cannabis, psychedelic integration therapy and the use of psychedelics as a treatment for depression, PTSD, trauma, addiction and pain.

All of Donald’s time is now spent on his true passion project, consciousmind —studying, researching and developing various forms of alternative medicine derived from medicinal mushrooms, psychedelics, cannabis, and other traditionally used plants.

Donald’s mission is to become the worldwide leader and #1 provider of alternative medicine solutions for mental health and wellness!