Craig Wilkie

Craig Wilkie has been interested in mycology since he was a teenager. He started experimenting with growing mushrooms in his closet and quickly learned that the hobby was not for the easily discouraged. After many failed attempts and contaminations, his tenacity and sheer passion for the hobby guided him through the steep and difficult learning curve and gave him the confidence to scale up his operation.

Over the years, Mr. Wilkie has developed, implemented, tested and refined his own set of rigorous contamination control procedures that are truly unmatched in the mushroom cultivation industry, and the results speak for themselves. Since perfecting his quality control techniques and sterile procedures, Mr. Wilkie can now boast an average contamination rate of less than 1%.

Through constant research, experimentation and relentless hard work, Mr. Wilkie has successfully navigated the trials and errors of mushroom cultivation and knows exactly how much effort and meticulous thought, planning and preparation it takes to grow mushrooms successfully at a large scale.

Mr. Wilkie will lead the mushroom division. His sophisticated skill set and years of irreplaceable experience puts consciousmind™ Mushrooms at the forefront of the medicinal, functional and psilocybin mushroom industries.