Executive Team


Belinda Williams

Belinda Williams was born to be creative. She began illustrating caricatures as a child much to the delight of her unsuspecting family members who soon introduced to her other design mediums. While she credits these experiences as fuelling her pursuit of all things creative, she has never lost sight of how a thoughtful idea can …

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Craig Wilkie

Craig Wilkie has been interested in mycology since he was a teenager. He started experimenting with growing mushrooms in his closet and quickly learned that the hobby was not for the easily discouraged. After many failed attempts and contaminations, his tenacity and sheer passion for the hobby guided him through the steep and difficult learning …

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Bikram Bal

Bikram Bal brings over 15 years of diverse business experience that ranges from international trade to film production, where he is credited with producing a full-length feature film released in 2019, titled, Lukan Michi, which was nominated for two awards at the 2020 PTC Punjabi Film Awards. His key relationships internationally will help facilitate Conscious …

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Dr. Gregory E. Bigford

Dr. Gregory E Bigford, PhD, MSBA, is a translational neuroscientist who’s experienced in leading preclinical studies, pharmacological safety and efficacy and coordinating interventional clinical trials. Dr. Bigford is a well-established academic scientist and instructor who will oversee the Conscious Mind™ Labs “R&D Hub” and lead the Psychedelic Drug Development Division. Dr. Bigford has the unique …

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Jim Angus

Jim Angus brings with him over 25 years of experience in finance and the auditing of public companies in both Canada and the USA. As a partner in one of Toronto’s top mid-tier accounting firms, Jim led a team with the auditing and Ontario Securities Commission filings of its in-house hedge fund as well as …

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