Masters of Mycology

  • Functional Mushrooms
  • Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Psychedelic Mushrooms

Our Mycology division is led by Craig Wilkie, our Chief Mycologist. He and his team will build out our Medicinal Mushroom cultivation facility and Psilocybin Mushroom R&D Laboratory in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

mind MYCOLOGY has almost 12 months of data already complied on genetic testing and cultivation process refinement.

Our Medicinal Mushroom cultivation and processing facility and Psilocybin Mushroom R&D Laboratory will allow us to accomplish two objectives:

  1. Provides us the ability to start monetizing our research and start formulating and launching finished products and consumer brands; and
  2. Develop psilocybin-based IP, which can be monetized through licensing agreements and in the formulation of alternative medicines and consumer brands.

Immediate & Future Opportunities

mind Medicinal Mushrooms
Supplements and Functional Foods

mind has two trademark protected medicinal and functional mushroom brands set to enter the following markets in late 2021 / early 2022:



South Africa

Netherlands / EU

mind Psilocybin Mushrooms
R&D and Clinical Studies

mind has already developed several psilocybin-based finished product formulas made with naturally-derived psilocybin extract and mushrooms and is actively exploring R&D opportunities with Universities and contract research partners in the following countries:



South Africa